Current IDC appointments

There is a top IDCs held almost every month in Essen, Tenerife or in a partner location. The IDCs in Essen take place both full-time and weekend. Of course, the different IDC dates can also be combined with each other. And individual wish dates can also be carried out in Essen. The instructor exam (PADI IE) takes place immediately after the IDC. The following PADI IDC dates have currently been set:

November 2017: PADI IDC Food

Full time: 18 to 28 November

Weekend: 11 ./12. + 17./18./19. + 24/25/26 November

Ie in Essen am 2nd and December 3

Easter 2018: PADI OWSI in Schwarzenfeld

Full time: 30 March to 2 April

This program takes place with my partners from Tauch Active. More info here.

April 2018: PADI IDC Food

Full time: April 7-17

Weekend: March 31/April 1 + 6 ./7 ./8 April + 13 ./14 ./15 April

Ie in Veenendaal (NL) on 21st and April 22

May 2018: PADI IDC Tenerife

Full time: 14-25 May

Ie in Tenerife on 26th and 27 May

September 2018: PADI IDC Food

Full time: 22 September to 2 October

Weekend: 15/16. + 21./22./23. + 28/29/30 September

Ie in Eindhoven (NL) on 6th and October 7

November 2018: PADI IDC Food

Full time: November 17-27

Weekend: 10/11. + 16 ./17 ./18 ./+ 23 ./24 ./25 ./November

Ie in Essen am 1st and December 2

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